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Name:Hainan ZOKO Water Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Zoko Water Treatment Technolooy Co.,LTD. is a technology company specialized in the water treatment engineering, and our products have been applied in many industries including electronics, power, galvanizing, chemical industry, medicine, food & drink, blanch & dye, light industry, mechanism processing, etc. The headquarters is located in Xinzhu Tanwan and now we have Hainan Office, Shenzhen Office and Shanghai Office in Mainland China. Since establishment, we have developed CAD platform for water-purify engineering design depend on the technology development and introduction of advanced technology on super purified water making and Middle-water reusing technology to developed our company to a leading company in this industry. Multi-level reverse osmosis system, EDI and ion exchange system, etc made by our company have also reached the international leading level. Furthermore we are one of the members of the Membrane Industry Association of China and the OEM manufacturer of America Hydranautic Company. We have a lot of excellent Eng. Personnel with rich experience, who have worked on water treatment technology research and application for long time, and supplied the customers with one station service of high-quality and high-reliability from design, equipment selection, installation to post-sale trace. In addition to domestic leading personal in equipment design and production method, Shanghai ZOKO Universal Equipment Co., Ltd has also been equipped with excellent manufacture & processing equipment and perfect testing equipment and specialized in producing suite of equipment and High accuracy flow equipment on medicine, chemical industry, milk food, drink, beer and biology, etc. Especially in recently years, through the introduction of foreign advanced management system and research of GMP equipment, we have developed health equipment such as inner scroll multi-effect water distiller and applied them in medicine enterprises and realized good society and economy effect. With Quality makes brand, Service makes future as the company’s idea, with quality and service as the principle to establish the enterprise, we make the satisfaction of customers as core of our work. For requirement of each customer, we shall keep our promise with exact data design, strict quality-control equipment manufacturing, quick & professional installation and commissioning and full & in time post-sale service.
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